Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Junebugs I guess I never posted this last year!! Oops!!

Colby and I were pretty boring through the month of June because all we did was work and school!! Ha ha- I did have a seminar at the Living Planet Aquarium and got discounted tickets there for the rest of the family and my ticket was free after I was finished so Colby brought the girls after and Hayden was absolutely ecstatic the whole time! I spent the month trying to get my crap figured out after Jacey moved out. It's easier said than done to get up, ready, 2 girls ready, and out of the house by 7:15! luckily I married a good man and he has been so helpful. Luckily this semester hasn't been as stressful as the others. I got to go to the Jordan River Temple to do a session this month as well. I really would like to hit all of the ones in the valley before we leave. We'll see if that happens! The girls got to spend a lot of time in Delta throughout the month between grandma Nikki and Grandma Cyn. They love getting to play with all of their cousins!

Hayden: Hayden finished her last day of preschool on the 4th. Luckily Grandma Nikki was up here to take her. She absolutely loved preschool and is so excited to be in Kindergarten. She finally met a friend Kinley (who might I add, has lived next door the whole time!) and just a few weeks after they introduced themselves across the fence Kinley moved to Hawaii! Makes me sad that I don't get to be very social so that my kids can get together with others! She absolutely loves animals. She got all the way through the aquarium before I was even done with my seminar and was so excited to take me back through it all and show me everything. In one of these pictures, she found a fly and decided that she wanted it to be her pet and she picked it right up and let it crawl all over her. A funny story, I finally decided on fast Sunday this month that I really needed to get back in the swing of things since being pregnant and nursing. We were needing some extra help with babysitting issues so we decided to do a full fledge 24 hour fast. Hayden asked us why we weren't eating lunch after church and I told her that we were fasting to ask Heavenly Father for some help. She didn't say much after that but a couple weeks later after I had dinner on the table, she told me she wasn't eating. I asked her why and she said that she was asking for help from Heavenly Father. She said, "You know, doing that thing that you and dad did?" I finally put it together and realized it was fasting that she was thinking of; then I proceeded to explain to her that you don't start fasting until you have been baptized and she really needed to eat her dinner. She got upset and said, "But mom, I really need to ask Heavenly Father for help and not eat this because this chicken is AWFUL!!" From the mouths of babes...... She has been such a good big sister lately and I love how she gets Hanna to play with her and she acts like she simply adores her.....the adoration goes both ways. I hope it lasts! 

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